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Jd Rose has been on the Radio since he was 14 years old, and has been entertaining morning show audiences since he was 17 years old (over 3 decades of morning shows). He may look 70 buts he's not 50 yet. Born with the gift of gab,  Jd was 6 years old when he set up a radio station in his bedroom. It's ironic that now he is broadcasting "World Wide" from his home in Fredericksburg, Tx from that very same room. Jd Rose is instrumental in developing the Americana music chart and music scene enjoyed by millions today. Jd Rose has been Programming Texas, Red Dirt, Americana and AAA Artists since 1991.  Jd has played a huge role in creating and the making of these charts into a successful reality. Jd says " Even though these charts were created  in 1991/'92, this scene is the hottest its ever been right now."

      Jd was nominated for Americana Program director of the Year 3 years in a row. JD left the scene for a few years " not by choice", he states " but I had to feed my family, while my soul was starving for the music I love."  2 years later he would be back with a vengeance, taking yet another Genre of Music to the top! Jd won "Texas Music on Air Personality of the Year, and  programmed a station that won, "radio station of the year" 2 years in a row from The Texas Regional Radio Music Association. Now he is going to bring it to the world on Rebel Country. Be warned,  Jd and the format are contagious!! "Share this, tell your friends" This WILL BE the most listened to online radio station in the world!" Rebel Country is born. "Enjoy!"- Jd. Rose 

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